• Outback Hotels
    Pictures of Walkabout Creek (Crocodile Dundee Pub), The Blue Heeler, The Purple Pub, and Wombat Hotel.
  • People and Places
    Friends, and people I work with in various locales the world.
  • Family Pictures
    Pictures of Mum, Dad, Alan, Tracy, Samantha, Aunts , Uncles, and Cousins.
  • Indian Pacific
    The Indian Pacific is the train that runs from Perth to Sydney, and goes across the Nullabor Plain (Nullabor means treeless). It takes three days and it was a change from the flying.
  • My Birthday 2002
    Photos from my birthday celebrations with the people from work. The deal was that if I wore a suit all day, the girls would wear dresses that evening.
  • 2002 CBR1100XX
    It had to finally happen, the 1998 Blackbird was replaced by a 2002 Blackbird. The 1998 Blackbird has gone to a good home and did good service for 82,730 miles in four years.
  • 1998 CBR1100XX
    It is amazing where the 1998 Blackbird took me in four years.
  • Trip to Australia 2002
    Trip to Sydney and Perth with Leslie's Birthday thrown in for good measure.
  • Lara & Ken's Party 2003
    Lara and Ken's party at Leslie's parent house Southern California.