Ian's Drop a Rod Experience

Riding across the United States is always an adventure but sometimes things just add to the adventure, like dropping a rod 60 miles from your destination. Whoever said "that there is never a police officer around when you need one" was certainly wrong this day. Thanks to CHP for putting out the fire (That is what all the white powder is).

This is definitely one of the cases where "sh*t happens". The bike was 15 months old and only had 21,416 miles upon it (1997 Suzuki GSXR-750). This bike went to scrap yard after this incident.

Looks ok from here.

Well from closer inspection it looks like maybe it dropped an oil line, and burnt a little.

Towing, yes it had to be towed into San Jose.

Removing the covers. Your not meant to see holes in the engine like this.

Another view of the mess.

I now know why you should have side covers on the bike. Yes that was part of a piston, it could have been in my leg.


Assorted bits which should be inside the engine, or holding it in.

Yes, the bike only has 21,416 miles upon it.

I wonder where the valve ended up ??

This is the engine after it had been stripped down. The red circle shows the size of the hole. The engine was a total write off. Sold the bike for scrap and went and bought a Honda CBR1100XX when I got back to RTP.

So close, yet so far !