Trips in 1999

I know one thing for sure, Texas is cold in March and electric clothing is essential. The first long trip was from San Jose to Raleigh. The second major trip was San Jose, Raleigh, Atlanta, Washington DC.

Las Vegas / Towing

Travelling down to Las Vegas for Interop, and ran over something and puntured the tire at speed. By the time I stopped the tire was ruined. Tire was only 500 miles old, was not having much luck with tires, since I had also puntured the previous tire. Great place to break down.

I-40 Parking Lot

I-40 in New Mexico was turned into a parking lot for 3 hours. Trucks were lined up well over the horizon. A Furntiure Removal Truck caught fire, and the Police and Fire Fighters were standing well back, and waiting for it to go out. Why ?? The manifest said it had ammunition it the load. I don't blame them I would stand well back as well. The entire East bound side of I-40 was closed.