Unofficial Trinity Home Page

Trinity is the name of test site for the first atomic bomb test by the United States. The site is open twice a year. The site is not radioactive anymore but is only open twice a year because it is in the middle of the US Army White Sands Missile Range. The site itself beside having a fence around it, looks exactly like the surrounding country side.

The trip down to Trinity was done in two days in pouring rain and in a couple of places hailstones. The day Trinity was open it was perfect blue skies, and all the way back to Arizona / California border one could not ask for better weather. It had to end somewhere, just after the border it started raining again, full blown thunderstorms. Arrived in Barstow, thought about getting a room for the night but everywhere was full. I forget to mention is was also getting really cold. Hears is some smart thinking, though well it only 400 miles home lets just push on.

Three days earlier when I rode through Tehacchapi Pass there was no snow on any of the peaks. Well midnight Saturday there was a lot of snow on them, and the road. Yes a full blown snow storm was occuring in April. Piece of advice, it is very difficult to keep a motorcycle upright when the road is covered in snow and is icing. The blackbird went over twice, and a twenty mile stretch of road took 4 hours. This ranks as one of dumbest things I have ever done, and most probably nearly a canditate for a Darwin Award. Lets just put it this way I arrived home Sunday morning around 8am, after leaving Trinity an 10am the previous day, some 1200+ miles away, with a few more stratches on the blackbird, but none on me.

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