San Jose to Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Canadian's say it is the second largest country in the world. It is definitely a lot wider than the United States. The entire 9200 miles was covered in 12 days, in all was away from San Jose for 17 Days and managed to work 4 days in Chelmsford and Raleigh. There were several 1000+ mile days in the trip. My thanks have to go to Dave Zack's and his wife who cooked me dinner in Vancouver on the first night, that was a much unexpected surprise at 11pm. The map below is built from the GPS bread crumps.

The trip back from Raleigh to San Jose was done in 3 days and covered 2995 miles, via Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks. It was a bizarre going from 110F in Death Valley to rain in Yosemite in a little under 4 hours. It was also an altitude change from -100ft to 9945ft.

Photo Gallery

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