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  • 2003
  • Motorcycle Trips in 2002
  • Motorcycle Trips in 2001
    • Canada - West to East Coast
      The big trip for 2001 was San Jose to Vancouver BC, to Halifax Nova Scotia, down to Chelmsford, then to Raleigh, then back to San Jose in two weeks.
    • Trinity
      Trinity is the test site where the first Atomic Weapon was tested. It is located on the White Sands Missile Range, and is open twice a year. Can not think of a better reason to ride to New Mexico.
  • Motorcycle Trips in 2000
    • Trip to Europe - Diary
      Spent from the 28 June to the 14 August 2000 in Europe. What is the big deal? It also included shipping my motorcycle from San Francisco into Frankfurt to ride all around Europe. Covered 12,300 miles (20,000km) across Europe from North Cape, Norway to Almeria, Spain.
  • Motorcycle Trips in 1999
    • Trips Across the USA in 1999
      Somehow I managed to have to make two trips to the East Coast for work, so rather than fly, I naturally took the motorcycle. People were starting to wonder if I have an aversion to flying.
  • Motorcycle Trips in 1998
    • Dropping a Rod
      In 1998 riding from Raleigh, NC to San Jose, CA my motorcycle (Suzuki GSXR-750 1997) decided to spit its rod out of the engine block, 60 miles from San Jose.
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    Photo Albums of places visited / lived, friends, family.
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  • Currently the garage has one motorcycle, 2002 CBR1100XX. Yes I downsized.

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